GEM Board ST™

GEM Plastics presents GEM Board ST™, a unique HDPE sheet that provides a GEM Board ST™ surface for many projects. It is scratch resistant, making it ideal material for cabinetry, architectural case goods and partitions.

Our GEM Board ST™ is available in two of our most durable finishes, Stone and Basketball.

Want to make your project beautiful and durable? Make it a GEM!



Cabinetry, architectural case goods, partitions, port-o-potties and paneling.

Tolerance Information

Gauges: +/- 5%
Length: +.5”/-0” (at room temperature)
Width: +.5”/-0” (at room temperature)


GEM Board ST™ is a durable, consistent sheet that is easy to clean, impervious to water and resistant to harsh weather environments. GEM Board ST™, unlike wood or metals, will not rot, discolor, delaminate, rust and ultimately deteriorate.

GEM Board ST™ is also available in a lightweight version. This lightweight version can be made up to 25% lighter than the standard GEM Board ST™.

  • Scratch Resistant
  • Stone and Basketball Finishes
  • Available in standard colors
  • Meets ASTM D4976
  • Impact Resistant
  • Contains no VOC’s
  • Easy to machine and fabricate
  • No Moisture absorption