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GEM Cutting Board™

At GEM Plastics, we know that a clean kitchen is a safe kitchen for you and your family.  Studies show that the average kitchen harbors more germs than ANY other room in the house, including the bathroom.  That’s where GEM Plastics can help. 

Make it safe…GEM Safe!


Cutting boards, kitchen islands, filet boards, cutting blocks and much more.


GEM Cutting Board™ is our high-grade HDPE sheet perfect for use in food preparation areas.GEM Cutting Board® is naturally defensive to germs and bacteria preventing hundreds of possible contaminants from spreading.

GEM Cutting Board is also available with GEM Guard, our anti-microbial additive which has proven to reduce bacterial contamination by a staggering 99.3%. 

  • FDA Approved and NSF Certified
  • Meets USDA and Canada Dept. of Agriculture
    Standards and Specifications for food applications
  • Anti-microbial options
  • Consistent durable sheet that will not dull knives