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GEM Utility™

GEM Plastics is proud to present GEM Utility™, our high grade HDPE sheet ranging from .200” to 1.5” thick for use in applications where aesthetic value is not required.

GEM Utility™ is what you need when looking for a low cost solution to replace wood. This HDPE is perfect for in ground applications, underlayment of seats, or anywhere that wood is used but has to be replaced often.

GEM Utility™ will not rot, discolor, delaminate, rust or ultimately deteriorate
and meets ASTM D4976.



Seats, in-ground wire holders, pond liners, construction ground covers, wire harnesses, utility van flooring, kennel walls.


Why GEM Plastics?  

We want to be your partner in making cost effective, utility grade HDPE. That is why we stock over 2 million pounds of sheet in our warehouse, operate our own trucks, and are home to the friendliest customer service around.

Want to make your project durable?  Make it a GEM!

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Easy Fabrication
  • Lightweight Available
  • Not Approved for Food Contact