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GEM Ice™

Do you have a desire to ice skate but live in area where it is hard to find ice time?  Live in an area where it is not cold enough to skate on a lake or pond?  Or maybe you want to skate all year long?  GEM Plastics can help with GEM Ice™, our new special blend HDPE sheet. 

The need to add a topical solution to the surface of the sheet to make it slick is a thing of the past.  We add special additives during the extrusion process that impregnates the sheet that allows it to function as ice, maybe even better!  

We offer two colors, Ice White and Ice Blue.  The sheets are also UV protected so you can leave them out in the sun for year round enjoyment.  Skate in your yard, basement, garage or living room if you want!  All you need is a flat surface, sharp skates, and an adventurous mindset.  


Skating surface, dasher boards, kick plates.


Do you need dasher boards, kick plates or a custom color made into GEM IceTM?  Contact your GEM Plastics Manufacturers Rep for more information and pricing.

Tolerance Information

Gauges: +/- 5%
Length: +.5”/-0” (at room temperature)
Width: +.5”/-0” (at room temperature)

Test conditions: 23oC (+/- 2oC) / 50% (+/- 10%) RH
Plane: Stainless Steel #8 Finish
Apparatus Used: Instron Series 5565