Sheets & Applications

HDPE sheets are manufactured in sizes from .200” to 1.5” thick, up to 74” wide and up to 20’ long. All machines are capable of running HDPE, LDPE, and custom polyolefin resin blends.

Products made from GEM HDPE:

  • Do not crack, delaminate, splinter, chip, swell or absorb water like other materials.

  • Are available in a variety of textures, colors and chemical compositions.

  • Can be tailored to fit your individual sheet and thermoform sheet needs.

  • Can include additives such as UV stabilizers, antimicrobial agents, flame retardants, anti-static, antioxidants, strength enhancers, stabilizers and blowing agents to create cellular microfoam.


Signage, tote boxes, food containers, packaging, cutting boards, portable toilets.


Our resin can meet the following specifications:

• ASTM D4976 – PE 235

• FDA 21 CFR 177.1520(c) 3.2a, use conditions

• B through H per 21 CFR 176.170(c)

• Listed in the Drug Master File

• NSF Certified – ANSI Standard 51


This HDPE copolymer is tailored for extruded and thermoformed applications that require:

• Excellent stiffness

• Good processability

• Excellent process stability